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A list of publications resulted from the project are at the Microsoft Research Pex Community web.

Project Description

Pex Extensions: Automated Software Engineering Group@Illinois

Developer testing, a common step in software development, involves generating sufficient test inputs and checking the behavior of the program under test during the execution of the test inputs. Complicated logics inside a method make generating appropriate arguments difficult. In testing object-oriented programs, generating method sequences to put the receiver object or argument objects into appropriate states further complicates test-input generation. After the generated test inputs are executed, program crashes or uncaught exceptions can be used to indicate program problems, especially robustness problems. However, some program problems such as producing wrong program outputs do not crash the program. This project improves automation in developer testing in collaboration between the Illinois Automated Software Engineering Research Group and Microsoft Research, developing novel ideas and tools on Pex, an automatic unit testing tool from Microsoft Research.


Developed via a collaborative project between the Illinois ASE group and Microsoft Research Pex team.

Fitnex: Fitness-guided path exploration

* Sources of Fitnex V1.0 can be downloaded from here

PexMutator: C# Code Testing Tool Based on Mutation Testing

* Sources of PexMutator V1.1 can be downloaded from here

BVandLC: Boundary Value and Logical Coverage Testing Tool

* Sources of BVandLC V0.1 can be downloaded from here

MSeqGen: Object-Oriented Unit-Test Generation via Mining Source Code

* Sources of MSeqGen V0.1 can be downloaded from here

Seeker: Demand-Driven Method-Sequence Generation for Object-Oriented Unit Testing

* Sources of Seeker V0.1 can be downloaded from here

Covana: Precise Identification of Problems for Structural Test Generation

* Sources of Covana V0.1 can be downloaded from here

eXpress: Guided Path Exploration for Regression Testing

* eXpress can be downloaded from here

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